Great Canadian Oil Change Launches Loyalty Program

In less than three weeks, they surpassed 1600 loyalty members. On December 8th, Great Canadian Oil Change launched a loyalty program powered by Social Spiral in their three Saskatoon locations. Great Canadian wanted to convert their existing punch card program to a digital format, as well as capitalize on the powerful features Social Spiral offers, in order to increase the effectiveness of their loyalty program.


Social Spiral’s platform is extremely simple to use*. Staff was on-boarded 15 minutes before the store opened. Within minutes of opening staff members were interacting with real customers and signing them up with ease.

*All that is required is a web-browser either on your POS or a nearby tablet (with Internet access).


Customers loved it. They were very positive to the change and liked the idea of being able to track points without having to remember, or carry around another card!

The first store to launch was 705 22nd street and in the first day, 54 of 70 customers opted to join into the loyalty program; that’s a 77% opt-in rate!

Josh, one of the managers, said,

“It has been very well received … I look forward to promoting the points towards up selling services.”

The process was as simple as preparing a postcard for visual aid, and having the customer follow the instruction – text a keyword to a phone number – to join. Everyone knows how to text.


One of the managers laughed after he signed up a 90 year old man who had left his cell phone at home! It is also possible to join customers manually with the click of a button if they give permission. Any customer can opt-out of texting at any time.

Although Social Spiral is extremely simple and is a loyalty powerhouse, the real key is properly informing staff on how to promote the loyalty program. At Great Canadian, selling is an everyday part of the job, so it might have been easier to ramp up employees. However, it is possible for any business to quickly train employees on asking every customer if they would be interested in joining a loyalty program that does not require a card or lengthy sign-up.

If you are interested in starting a brand new loyalty program of your own, you can try our platform for free!

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