Mega Migration Without Missing a Beat.

Prairie Oils and Vinegars has been at the cutting edge of Loyalty for years, and over the years they have built up a large customer base many business owners would envy. Our team approached Prairie Oils and found out we could offer the additional functionality they needed, at a cheaper price point.

When we approached Prairie Oils to switch from their existing loyalty provider to Social Spiral’s platform they were interested, but then came the kicker. Prairie Oils loyalty base was over 5000 members (5308 to be exact!).

Naturally, Prairie Oils – like most businesses using a competitors software –  were worried about the logistics of switching providers. We heard the same questions we had heard countless times before:

  • What if my data is lost?
  • How long will a data migration take?
  • Will my customers like the new platform?
  • Will my staff be able to handle the changes?

Essentially, all of these questions boil down to one very important question:

Can you provide a seamless transition for both my business and my customers?

We’ll be honest, this was the single biggest data migration our team had done to date, and with 5300 members, we knew there was no room for error. We worked closely with Prairie Oils, prepared their customer data, and performed the migration flawlessly.

Here’s what the owner, Bev, had to say:

Spiral has been very easy for my staff to use and our customers love the rewards program. We switched to Social Spiral from Vicinity and it was easy. We had a customer base of over 5000 members and Social Spiral took care of moving all the data over. In a few hours we were up and running … I have no regrets switching to Social Spiral and would highly recommend them to any business looking to incorporate a rewards program.”

Since performing the migration Bev has continued to add to her loyalty base at an astounding rate, averaging 500 new loyalty members each month!

Although switching loyalty providers can seem daunting at first, Social Spirals Premium Migration option makes it a piece of cake. Our team handles everything from requesting your customer data, to setting up your loyalty program just the way you like it.

And the best part is, you and your customers won’t miss a beat!

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