A Simple Trick to Increase Join Rates Up to 25%

Rock Creek Tap and Grill switched to Social Spiral from their previous provider in the summer of 2016. They loved the idea of getting more features at a cheaper price, and they put some of these features to work immediately.

Rock Creek was most excited about Social Spiral’s ‘text to join’ feature because it allows customers to sign themselves up for your loyalty program in seconds, by just texting ‘join’ to the number associated with your business.

Working closely with Rock Creek, we developed some table cards as a beta test at first to see the effect it would have on customer join rates.

The results were immediate, and quite astounding. Since the addition of the table cards, self sign ups are up hundreds of percent, and overall join rates are up over 20% per month. Rock Creek was so impressed with the results that they decided to implement the table cards at all of their six locations.

As with any beta testing, there were a few hiccups along the way, but our team worked closely with Rock Creek, and here’s what the owner had to say:

We are excited to work with Social Spiral whom are developing and evolving software to power a guest loyalty program that rivals the big Nationals, but with superior service.

Their responsiveness to our needs and willingness to listen to their customers and adapt is unparalleled.

I look forward to benefiting from more innovation in the future with Social Spiral.

Getting more customers into your loyalty program is a piece of cake with a bit of creative thought, and dedication from your loyalty provider. If you would like to see how Social Spiral can increase you customer join rates, contact our team at info@socialspiral.com

Or, book a free demo here.